About Terry Miller

Terry Miller

Terry Miller is passionate about the Salesforce family of products. He holds sixteen certifications on the Platform, making him one of the top resources in the Midwest. Terry is easily approachable and cares deeply about helping others achieve their goals. He is a Salesforce MVP, a Lightning Champion Alumn, a mentor, a Trailblazer User Group leader, a blogger, a vlogger, and a college instructor.

Terry and his team of consultants deliver exceptional Salesforce solutions to businesses throughout the USA.  


Our consultancy style is all about collaboration, trust, and confidence. Our customers appreciate that we truly act as if their business is our own. That’s why we consult beyond the Salesforce solution itself—we want to make sure your processes are rock solid. We don’t force you into a box that doesn’t fit your needs. It’s all about finding what works.

We also believe the process should keep it lighthearted. We take what we do seriously but we want the journey to be fun and enjoyable.


You can’t build a strong relationship without integrity. We’re always completely honest with our clients, and we always do what we agree to do—your trust matters to us.


We create solutions that fit your situation, and we never do anything half-heartedly. Salesforce should help your business thrive, not cause added stress. Complex tools can be overwhelming, and it would be easy to over-engineer them. We cut through the noise, find the cleanest solutions, and leave you with something simple to maintain.

Next Steps

Contact Terry and his team when you're looking for someone to assist on your next project.  Learn more at Home Team Consulting.

Did you know Terry can speak at your next Salesforce event or User Group?  Check out his Salesforce Speaking Engagement page for more information.