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Thanks for visiting my Salesforce Certification Practice Exams page. Mentoring others and helping people find success has always been my heartbeat. This site is a reflection of that. I hope you find it helpful on your Salesforce Certification journey.
Built on Salesforce
This practice exam is built using Salesforce Flow. I'm continually working to improve the design and add content. Watch for a blog post soon to show you how to build a flow and present it publicly.
If you have ideas for improvement or if you run into a question you find confusing, please send me a note. You can use the Contact Me form or @TerrysTidbits on Twitter.
I'll be expanding the site to allow for contributors to submit questions. It is quite the effort to come up with good questions so I welcome community support. For now you can submit questions using the Contact Me form.

I am so excited you're visiting this page.  The results others have had using these resources are humbling.  At least, once a week, I hear from someone who comments on how these videos and practice exams helped them pass their certification exam(s).  It's such an honor to contribute to your success.  If you'd like to participate in future study groups, please follow me on the Trailhead Community.  That is where any announcements will be posted.   

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