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Terry Miller is the content creator behind Terry\'s Tidbits, the founder of Home Team Consulting, and speaker at multiple Salesforce Events and User Group Meetings. In 2008, after a successful enterprise leadership role, he started a new journey with Salesforce and has never looked back.

Terry is passionate about the Salesforce family of products. He holds fifteen certifications on the Platform. Terry is a Salesforce MVP, mentor, Des Moines Trailhead User Group leader, blogger, vlogger, trainer, college curriculum creator, and instructor. Regardless of his busy schedule, he always takes time to invest in the success of others.


Session Feedback

Best session I’ve attended in a few years!

Excellent presenter and presentation. Terry did a great job demystifying Flow.

Great job of boiling down the concepts to simplify them

Great presenter!! Will definitely seek out his content!

My favorite session at Dreamforce so far!!! Very helpful. Would love to see him present at Dreamforce again!

Terry’s session was great, I am currently learning flow and found his analogies extremely helpful. I have a much better understanding of variables and loops!

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Currently Available Presentations

Fundamentally Flow - Understanding Flow Concepts
Moving out of our comfort zone and on to new can lead to stress and frustration. Even when the “new” is so much better! Process Builder or even Workflow Rules represent our comfort zone. But Flow has so much more to offer us. It also introduces some new concepts that are foreign to many Admin. Fundamentally Flow helps us understand basic concepts to help us on our journey to learn Flow.
From Process Builder to Lightning Flow
Are you struggling to learn Flow? Perhaps you've told yourself, "it's too intimidating." Whatever the reason, this session will show you a simple way to learn Lightning Flow. Most of us are comfortable using Process Builder. What if I told you, "Flow isn't all that different!" Join me as we build "LIVE," a side-by-side comparison of Process Builder and Flow. By the end of this presentation, you'll see that Flow isn't as complex as you might fear.
Light Bulb!! Flow Finally Makes Sense!
Have you ever been frustrated working on something new? All the reading, studying, and trial and error lead to failure after failure. Then finally, you have that Light Bulb moment when things come together and magically make sense. Many of you may be in that exasperating place with Flow. The added pressure of our reliable friend, Process Builder, being retired doesn't help. If you're waiting for that Light Bulb with Flow, this meeting is for you. We will use things you already know to help you see how they work within Flow. We're also going to have fun along the journey.
Stories Influence Others
A good movie captures our attention and helps us remember them. They do this by connecting us to a good story. Our ability to formulate and tell a good story can significantly impact our success. Stories allow us to sell our ideas and influence others They can help us get the approval, the budget, or the resources we need.