Site Safety

UPDATE: January 29th

What Happened:

On or slightly before January 24th, it appears someone with malicious intent infiltrated my websites. Monitoring software started to alert me that my sites were down and I began to look into why. I discovered I could no longer access my sites and they were randomly redirecting to unsafe sites.

My Response:

I immediately contacted my site host, who informed me the site had over 11,000 infected files. My heart sank. They recommended I work with Sucuri, a website security company. I contacted them and the next day, they were working to clean up both sites.

This has proven to be an educational journey. I’ve learned a lot about site security. My sites are now protected behind a firewall, require two-factor authentication, have malware protection, to name a few.

As of the evening of Thursday, January 28th, both the Home Team Consulting and Terry’s Tidbits have been 100% restored and confirmed safe and secure.

My Promise:

Having my clients and visitors trust my sites is extremely important to me. You will now see the Sucuri badge in the lower right corner of the page. A simple click on the badge will confirm the site is 100% safe. I desire to not only provide excellent content but to be a trusted source.

Thank you for your patience and the countless kind words of encouragement as I worked to resolve these challenges. You are the reason I do this and I much appreciate each one of you.